Vulval Lumps Treatment

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What are Vulval Lumps?

Perivulval lumps refer to abnormal growths or swellings in the area surrounding the vulva. They can vary in size, shape, and texture and may cause discomfort, pain, or concern. It’s important to remember that not all perivulval lumps are cancerous, but proper evaluation and diagnosis are crucial to determine the appropriate treatment approach.

Causes of Vulval Lumps
The causes of peri vulval lumps can vary, and each condition requires a tailored approach. Some common causes include:

Bartholin’s Cyst: This occurs when the Bartholin’s glands, which are located near the opening of the vagina, become blocked and develops into a cyst. It can cause pain, physical discomfort or simply embarrassments to the sufferers.

Lipoma: A lipoma is a noncancerous growth of fatty tissue. It may appear as a soft, mobile lump in the peri vulval area.

Vulvar Abscess: This is a painful collection of pus that develops in the vulvar area. It is typically caused by a bacterial infection and may require an incision and drainage +/- antibiotics.

Sebaceous Cyst: These cysts can develop anywhere on the skin and so also in the female genital area. These develop when the sebaceous glands become blocked, leading to the accumulation of fluid or keratin. They can be tender and may require surgical removal.

Surgical Treatments at Renew Clinic

At Renew Clinic, we offer effective surgical treatments for peri vulval lumps under local anesthesia. Our skilled specialist, Dr. Goyal, will assess your condition and recommend the most suitable surgical approach based on your specific needs. Our surgical treatments include:

Excision: Surgical excision involves removing the peri vulval lump completely. This ensures that the entire lump and any associated discomfort or concern are addressed.

Drainage: In cases of abscesses or cysts, drainage may be necessary to alleviate pain and facilitate healing. Dr. Goyal will carefully drain the fluid or pus to provide relief and prevent further complications.

Histology and Pathological Diagnosis: To ensure accurate diagnosis, excised tissues are sent for histology and pathological evaluation. This step allows us to confirm the nature of the lump and provide appropriate post-treatment care.

Experience good care at Renew Clinic

When it comes to peri vulval lumps, trust in the expertise and dedication of our team at Renew Clinic. Our priority is to ensure your comfort, safety, and satisfaction throughout your treatment journey. We provide a supportive and caring environment, allowing you to feel confident and reassured in our care.

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Don’t let peri vulval lumps cause discomfort or worry any longer. Experience the exceptional surgical treatments available at Renew Clinic and regain your confidence and peace of mind. Act now and embark on your journey towards a happier, healthier you.

Disclaimer: This treatment varies from person to person.

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