vasectomy is a safe, simple and efficient sterilisation procedure for men, being used as a birth control method in many parts of the world. Research has shown that a vasectomy indicates an efficiency level of 99,6%, being the safest contraception method there is that implies fewer complications and a much faster downtime than in the case of women. Renew Skin & Health Clinic is the right place to undergo such a surgical procedure as it benefits from the necessary technology and our surgeon Dr. B K Jha’s vast experience in the field.

During the vasectomy procedure our specialists will make 1 or 2 small incisions in order to cut and separately seal the deferens tubes which normally carry the spermatozoa from the testicles to the prostate, where the seminal liquid is produced. The deferens tubes are also cauterized in order to prevent their recovery, blocking thus the seminal liquid ejaculation. The procedure is quick, lasting for approximately 20-30 minutes and is painless as the surgeon will inject a local anesthetic and/or administer an oral/intravenous drug to reduce anxiety and avoid the eventual movement of the patient. Following the vas deferens cauterization and sealing, the tubes are placed back within the scrotum and the skin is sutured with dissolving surgical thread so that a subsequent removal will be unnecessary.

Our surgeon dr. B K Jha states that the vasectomy procedure must be performed after a thorough discussion both between the couple partners and between the patient and the specialist doctor. First of all, our specialist will carry out a patient assessment to ensure that he is an ideal candidate for a vasectomy. Once this is confirmed, you will set the exact date and time of the surgical procedure taking place at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa.

If you have taken this matter into consideration and are ready to undergo a vasectomy, our specialist is at your disposal for a consultation during which you will be informed about all the procedure’s details, more precisely everything that a vasectomy implies from the beginning until the end.

The advantages of a vasectomy are that the procedure is quick, relatively painless and following the 48-hour downtime, you can normally resume your sexual and daily life without problems, and due to our surgeon’s vast experience, the risks are minimised and the results are as expected. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we also invite those from Leicester and Birminham to Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa.

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