Trigger Finger

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What is a Trigger Finger?

It is a degenerative condition of the tendon lining (sheath) that can affect one or multiple fingers in one or both hands. It starts with swelling and pain in the palm in line with the affected finger(s). The swelling can cause a small lump to form at the base of the affected finger or thumb, which can then lead to a restriction in the movement and triggering of the middle joint particularly when trying to straighten the finger.

What are the risk factors to develop trigger fingers?

Females in their 40 and 50s in addition to those with any previous hand injury or who have repetitive jobs or hobbies are commonly affected. Patients with certain health conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or underactive thyroid are more likely to develop this condition.

How is it recognised?

Most patients cannot tell that they have a trigger finger(s) in the early stage of the condition. As the condition progresses it can lead to the finger getting stuck in a flexed position and a sudden jolt as you are trying to straighten the finger(s) (so called a ‘trigger’ as it resembles the gun trigger).

What are the treatment options?

In rare cases, trigger finger can improve without treatment. However, without treatment there is a possibility that the affected finger or thumb may become permanently bent, which can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks.

The early stage of the condition can be treated with steroid injections. This is usually performed in the clinic with the injection placed into the tendon sheath of the affected finger(s).

The injection can provide a cure in mild cases and it can be repeated once or twice over the course of a year. If little or no improvement after the injections and in severe cases surgery is the only way to treat this condition.

Surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and it involves a small transverse cut in the palm in line with the affected finger(s). The tight tendon sheath is then released to allow more space for the tendon to glide, which prevents future triggering. The incision is then closed with sutures and bandage is applied to the hand.

What is the recovery like?

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and you will be able to go home straight after your procedure.

Sutures can be removed after 2 weeks when we would expect the wound to have healed.

Most patients will be able to commence their normal activities including returning to work after this period.

What are the potential complications?

Although complications following steroid injections are rare, infection is the main concern. If this occurs treatment with antibiotics may be required and sometimes in severe cases emergency surgery may be necessary. Repeated steroid injections can also weaken the tendon and can lead to a tendon rupture in very rare cases.

The complications after surgery are also relatively rare, but in addition to the general complications of any surgical intervention, injury to the nerves that provide sensation to the finger(s) can occur. In addition, injury to the tendon and risk of tendon rupture is also possible.

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Disclaimer: Trigger Finger treatment varies from person to person.

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