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Beauty is always achieved by a number of factors
working in concert, the health of our skin being
one of the most important elements.

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Thread veins


Thread Veins Removal

Through facial vein removal treatments, such as IPL and Sclerotherapy, Renew can help eliminate facial veins and spider veins that occur due to Telangiectasia, a condition caused by the ageing process or hereditary reasons, as well as the facial flushes associated with rosacea.

Our skin treatments specialist, will discuss your specific needs and devise a treatment programme for you. You will be given protective eyewear before the treatment starts. The device is placed on the skin and a short wavelength is released over the vein. The thread vein treatment usually takes up to half an hour, depending on the number of veins to be treated.

If you are troubled by broken facial capillaries or red veins then this treatment will eliminate them, leaving you feeling confident and with a more youthful, blemish-free appearance.

Thread Veins Removal With Tc3000 Thermocoagulation Thread Veins and Spider Veins Treatments


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