Eyelid MakeUp

Eyebrow Shape/style

The most beautiful eyebrows are those that define and make your eyes prominent. The eyebrows that are correctly plucked, with a colour that is similar to the tone of the hair can completely change your appearance and ensure your facial features stand out. Those that are wrongly plucked especially those that are over plucked make you look …

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Eyelash Extensions

The beauty of our eyes is very much exposed by our eyelashes and because of them our eyes can take different shapes and appear smaller or bigger. They can also give the impression that our sight is much keener or much softer. The essential thing regarding eyelashes is that they are a very important element and because …

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Eyelid Surgery In Birmingham

Renew Skin and Health Clinic Birmingham is an outpatient cosmetic clinic, equipped with state-of-the-art-technology, and with a staff consisting only of highly qualified private eye specialists, with a vast experience and knowledge in dermatology and fast and painless treatments. The clinic always puts its patients first and offers only the best care and treatment suited to individual needs, …

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Semipermament Eyebrow Make Up Results

In the pictures below, one can observe really easy the differences between the “before” and “straight after treatment” photo.  In the “before” image, our client’s eyebrows are barely visible, making the face features not very prominent. After undertaking the semi-permanent eyebrow make-up procedure, the frame of our client’s face became more noticeable and her entire …

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