Split Earlobe Repair

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What is Split Earlobe?

An earlobe repair or reconstruction is a procedure where our plastic surgeons will correct a split earlobe which might have resulted from wearing heavier earrings for several years. Occasionally, the earlobe splits following the forcible pull of earrings.

A reconstructive repair can also be carried out following overstretching of the piercings in the earlobes.

The procedure is generally performed under local anaesthesia by our plastic surgeons at Renew Skin and Health Clinic in Leamington Spa for our pre-booked clients.

What is a split ear?

A split ear or to be precise a split lobe generally follows the prolonged wearing of heavy earrings that puts undue pressure on the ear lobe tissues and as a result piercing holes are either overstretched or it may even cause a complete split of the hole. All these are quite common issues with the ear and are best dealt by a plastic surgeon.

What is the possible complication of the procedure?

Complications are rare but common complications are wound infection, delayed wound healing, scar formation including the development of keloid formation.

Following your ear lobe repair we advise you to refrain from getting a new piercing for up to 6 weeks and when you consider one, then you always avoid getting a new piercing away from the surgical scar.

Disclaimer: Split Earlobe repair treatment varies from person to person.

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