Spider Angioma Removal

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What is Spider Angioma?

Spider angioma, is also known as spider nevus or spider telangiectasia. This is a vascular lesion and is characterized by an abnormal dilatation of an end vessel found just beneath the skin surface.

These lesions typically contain a central arteriole appearing as a red dot and reddish periphery and these typically radiate like a spider’s web hence it has earned its name “Spider Angioma”.

These spider angioma may appear as multiple or solitary lesions. A spider angioma typically has 3 features: namely a body, its legs, and surrounding redness. Its centre may sometimes be slightly raised.

Spider angiomas are usually a benign condition but when they present as multiple lesions it may be suggestive of an underlying systemic disease such as chronic liver disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or thyrotoxicosis.

Solitary spider angiomas however are seen in 15% of young otherwise fit adults who usually have fewer than 2-3 lesions. The lesions also can also appear in other physiologic conditions like pregnancy or severe malnutrition.


Spider angiomas do not themselves produce any symptoms but their presence may cause cosmetic concerns to the sufferers.

A solitary spider angioma or nevus in an otherwise fit and healthy individual or pregnant woman does not itself demand any clinical workup whereas an appropriate referral may be required when multiple spider angiomas are encountered.


Solitary spider angiomas or spider nevus can be treated with electrocautery or a laser. At Renew Skin and Health Clinic in Leamington Spa we generally treat this with a pulsed dye laser and generally only one treatment is required.

A complete recovery is generally expected by 7-10 days. If the spider angioma fails to respond to our laser treatment on 3 successive occasions, then a full refund of the treatment fee is given back to the client.

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Disclaimer: Spider Angioma removal treatment varies from person to person.

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