Ipl Skin Rejuvenation for Men

Everyone dreams of young and beautiful skin, men or women. Once with the passing of time the signs begin to appear and they do not forget anyone. To have this once again Renew Skin & Health Clinic comes along with a large set of esthetical treatments and skin rejuvenation treatments for men who want to regain their young aspect of the skin.

The cosmetic treatments based on the Nd:Yag laser and the IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening gain very much territory in our clinic because of their exceptional results and very satisfied customers. These skin rejuvenation cosmetic treatments for men present themselves with excellent results every time.

The IPL treatment is used for hair removal as well as for skin rejuvenation treatments. The light of this modern device gets deep into the skin and regenerates it with the effects that can be seen immediately. The IPL system frees the yellow, green and red light, which is transmitted in a short series of impulses. Your skin will be cooled with gel, which will also guide the light to the desired area.
The IPL skin rejuvenation treatment for men is not painful as you will only feel a slight sting for a short period of time. The rejuvenating procedure does not need anesthesia because the cooling gel is enough for treating the area. A procedure for skin rejuvenation takes around 30 minutes, after which the skin might go a red colour and a worm feeling will be felt. These symptoms will disappear with the help of professional products. After a laser or IPL skin rejuveation treatment a person has to stay away from sun exposure and even if he/she wants to do it they have to use a protective cream with a high protective factor 50+.

To decide how many sessions you have to attend, you only need to come to our clinic in Leamington Spa and discuss with one of our specialists, whom will tell you every detail about every treatment, he/she will analyze your skin type and possible treatments for your skin.
The IPL rejuvenation treatment for men is a cosmetic method with exceptional results and is very popular in Renew Skin & Health Clinic. Many men decide to have this treatment to regain the elasticity and the smoothness of the face and to regain that manly charm.

To find out more details about the IPL treatment and many other cosmetic treatments for men and how they can help you, you are invited at our clinic in Leamington Spa for a consultation during which you and a specialized doctor will decide what solution suits you the best.

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