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Common Type of Skin Blemishes

Laser Hair Removal

Are you fed up of waxing, tweezing and shaving? How would you like to never have to shave or wax again?

Laser Skin Resurfacing

We use lasers for precise removal of skin layer by layer to improve the skin texture and appearance.

Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections

Aqualyx is suitable for treating: back, chin, hips, knees, stomach, arms, and thighs

Skin Warts

A skin wart is usually skin-colored and with a rough texture. These grow in areas where the skin grows faster than normal.

Foot Warts/ Verrucae

Plantar warts or verrucae are warts appearing on the soles of your feet, which in most cases are extremely painful.

Facial Warts

Warts can occur in skin as well as in the mucosa. Infection with HPV can manifest itself as common warts, genital warts, flat warts, plantar cysts, etc.

Genetial Warts

Genital Warts

Warts on the genital area can be unappealing and may cause psychological distress to the sufferer.

Skin Moles

Skin Moles are common skin lesions that are flat or raised, brown to black.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are probably the single most common skin blemishes on an adult body.

Keloid Scar

Keloids is a tough heaped-up scar that is raised above the rest of the skin, generally has a smooth top.

Eyelid Skin Tag

The most common skin tags that appear on an eyelid are called Eyelid Skin Tag

Seborrhoeic Keratosis

Seborrheic Keratosis are usually skin coloured to brown/ black with waxy, scaly or a raised skin lesion.


Xanthelasma are yellowish Spots that appear commonly on eye lids

Age Spots

Age spots usually appear in adults who are older than 50, but there have been cases in which younger people have experienced them.

Thread Veins

They are very small blood vessels within the superficial layer of skin (the dermis) that have become dilated and visible.

Lipoma & Sebaceous Cyst

Lipoma is a benign lump that grows between the skin and muscle layers in the body.

Ingrown Toenail

When the side or corner of a toenail grows into the soft skin of the big toenail.

Disclaimer: The above treatments varies from person to person.

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How Renew Clinic can help you?

Renew Skin and Health Clinic is especially necessary to the public since very few other medical institutions in the country treat these rather delicate medical issues. We emphasize not only the effectiveness of the medical treatment we offer but also the importance of comfort and the general wellbeing of the patient.

We always take great care to offer treatments that offer the best results. Our trained and certified medical staff are prepared to provide proper medical treatment and to address various skin blemishes you may have.

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