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Renew Skin & Health Clinic makes effective and safe semi-permanent cosmetic
make up for top eyeline definition available to its patients.

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Due to the fact that the modern woman has less and less time to spend on her appearance, Renew Skin & Health Clinic makes effective and safe semi-permanent cosmetic make up for top eyeline definition available to its patients. This procedure allows the cosmetic specialist to enhance eye expressivity without exposing the patient to any considerable medical risks.

The semi-permanent cosmetic make-up for top eyeline procedure is very simple and produces great results when conducted correctly. If you choose to undergo this procedure at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we can provide you with the expertise and professionalism required in order for you to enjoy great results. First, the client will be carefully tested in order to ensure that she does not suffer from any relevant allergies. The colour of the pigment will be selected after a detailed consultation with the cosmetic specialist depending on the aesthetic wishes of the client and the suggestion of a specialized make-up expert. Our objective is to obtain a superior appearance that is also very natural, which is why it is very important to balance the wishes of the client with the opinion of the specialists. When everything is prepared for the actual procedure, the cosmetic specialist will draw a “blueprint” of the final result on the designated area in order to be able to work more accurately. Special inorganic pigments, which are based on hypoallergenic minerals and are fragrance and emollient-free, will then be carefully introduced in the superior part of the natural eye line using medical micro-needles. An anesthetic gel is applied to the treated area of the skin prior to the operation, making the semipermanent cosmetic makeup for the top eyeline an almost completely painless procedure. The end result will be natural and will support additional changes if the client wishes to modify her look at one point in the future. While the pigment is very resistant, a second session will be necessary to revitalize the colours, though only after several years.

During the first phase of the recovery period, the colour of the treated area will look darker than intended and the surrounding tissue will present some swelling and redness, but under normal circumstances these side-effects should subside very rapidly. An antibiotic ointment will be prescribed in order to help prevent infection and a simple cold compress will help reduce swelling. If performed by an experienced professional, the semi-permanent make up procedure for the top eyeline will enhance the natural features of the client and considerably cut down the time spent on daily cosmetic rituals, making it a very effective top eye line highlighter. Obtaining a top eyeliner effect with semi-permanent make-up is a safe and reliable choice, especially if you select a suitable clinic.

If you wish to undergo semi-permanent cosmetic make-up for top eyeline at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we can guarantee the best aesthetic results based on our past experience. In order to schedule an appointment, simply contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and you will receive all of the required details. 

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