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Scrotal masses might be an accumulation of fluids, the growth of
abnormal tissue, or normal contents of the scrotum that have
become swollen, inflamed or hardened.

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Scrotal Cyst

These are fairly common in dark skinned male adults but they can also be seen in Caucasians. They are generally painless bumps on the scrotal skin and can occur as multiple firm swellings, size of which may vary between few mm to 1 cm in diameter.

These are completely harmless and they do not have to be removed unless it is causing serious psychological concerns to the sufferers!

The treatment of this condition is surgical excision. The excised tissues are often are sent for biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. 

If the is very severe then one may need a more radical treatment in which case the entire diseased skin of the scrotum is excised, and the wound is repaired with multiple stitches by a procedure known as scrotoplasty. 

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Scrotal Cyst

Everything you need to know

Scrotal cysts are the most common benign epithelial cysts and are generally thought to have nonmalignant potential.
Scrotal cysts cause no discomfort and you may be unaware that a small one is present unless it gets larger. Some scrotal cysts are found by chance when people have an ultrasound scan for other reasons. An ultrasound scan is an image of the body taken using sound waves.

You can get several Scrotal cysts on one side of the scrotum or they can occur on both sides. The lump may be small but you are most likely to feel it if it enlarges. It can grow to the same size as the testicle (testis) .It has a smooth surface and the consistency is described as fluctuant.This means you can squelch it between your fingers like a tiny water-filled balloon as opposed to the hard resistance you feel when squeezing a marble.

The lump can be felt separate from the testis. This is an important feature because cancer of the testis is felt as a knobbly bit on the testis itself and cannot be separated from it.

Because the cyst is filled with fluid, it shines brightly when a light from a torch is passed through it. This is known as transillumination.
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