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DEKA C02 laser is known for its commodity and simplicity
of use and its amazing results in the cosmetic treatments
field and skin tags removal is harmless and non-invasive.

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Deka Co2 Laser


Skin tag/wart removal/skin lesions-with or without biopsies

After acne, the most common skin problem is represented by warts, verrucae and skin tags. They can appear everywhere on the body, they have an unaesthetic look and sometimes, even if they are not painful, they may be itchy. Although there are several types of warts they are all produced by human papilloma virus that affects the superficial layer of the skin and enters into the body through the affected areas or skin lesions. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa we provide you with the radio surgery treatments for the health and the beauty of the body including the treatment for warts and skin marks / lesion removal.

The warts are transmitted through contact with affected people or from public places such as swimming pools. They occur in the coetaneous skin and often affect the face, the back, the arms and the knees but they can appear on every part of the body as well. The warts can resist a few months or even some years but they can withdraw themselves if the immune system becomes so strong that is able to destroy the virus. In our clinic you will be informed about both negative effects that you will suffer if the warts are not treated and the advantages of radio surgery procedures we use in wart removal treatment.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic offers you a quick method to get rid of these conditions that are unsightly, by removal of warts through radio surgery. The radiosurgery is a method by which radiations are directed, in a controlled way, to a specific area of a patient’s body in order to treat many diseases including the warts. The radiations are called X or Gamma radiations and they are ionized.

Because it is a non-surgical treatment the risk of side effects is minimised and it is a painless method that can be used on the entire body. This non-invasive, radio surgery warts treatment helps to prevent the spread of the warts to the other parts of the body and to infect other people leaving a clean flawless skin.

Another common problem is represented by birthmarks. These are also called spot defects and they can have different colours from pink, brown and white to black and purple. While some of birthmarks are superficial and are found only in the epithelial cells of the skin others are encysted deeper in the skin. Regardless of their types they are, in most cases, unsightly and the radiosurgery treatment is used with success for birthmarks removal. Because most of the spot defects are not transmitted genetically, the specialists could not find yet the cause of their appearance.

If birthmarks and/or warts spots and skin tags interfere with your daily life, and you want a quick and painless procedure, do not hesitate to make an appointment at Renew Skin & Health Clinic where our specialised staff with the latest technologies will welcome you for radiosurgery treatments.

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