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Genital warts and Pearly Penile Papules affect both men and women and require removal from medical and cosmetic reasons. Genital warts represent a greater threat to your health as they are caused by the Human papillomavirus or the HPV, are contagious and can suffer malignant alterations if left untreated, being in some situations the cause for cervical cancer in women; so their removal becomes obligatory.
With the Pearly penile Papules condition the situation is not so severe: they do not have a specific cause, they are not contagious, do not have any symptoms and are not related to personal hygiene in any way, being simply unaesthetic skin lesions that require removal for cosmetic reasons.

People from Preston can have genital warts removal and PPP removal within the hospitals and clinics in the city, however, being quite complex procedures, they should only be performed by fully qualified practitioners who also benefit from the appropriate type of technology that can ensure optimum results and that is radiosurgery.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa our highly experienced specialists have performed numerous genital warts and PPP removal procedures with radiosurgery, the results being satisfactory as we received positive feedback from our patients. We chose to use radiosurgery for the removal of genital warts and Pearly Penile Papules as this minimally invasive, non-surgical technique could ensure a high precision in removal, without damaging the surrounding tissues. Another advantage of radiosurgery for genital warts and PPP removal is that the electrode simultaneously cauterizes the targeted areas while cutting the lesions, ensuring fast healing and preventing bleeding and possible future infections.

Even if you are from Preston, you should know that we constantly update our satellite centres near you hence please be advised to call our Head Office in Leamington Spa on 01926 422 454.
Renew Skin & Health Clinic can perform professional treatments for the removal of genital warts and Pearly Penile Papules with minimized risks and positive final cosmetic results. Our specialists will also assess your medical situation to ensure optimum results and minimize or prevent side effects during a first consultation at our cosmetic clinic branch in Liverpool, so schedule an appointment and learn how to safely, efficiently and painlessly get rid of the skin problems that cause you so much distress!

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