Port Wine Stains Removal

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What are Port Wine Stains?

A port wine stain (PWS) is a vascular defect in the skin caused by abnormal proliferation or development of blood vessels within the skin.

The changes that are seen in the blood vessels is caused by a mutation (change in a gene) which occurs during early pregnancy whilst the foetus is growing in the womb. This change in the gene is not inherited and therefore this can’t be passed to the offspring.

A port wine stain defect in the skin is flat, red to purple mark that is present at birth in the new born. Very occasionally with time it is observed that some of the port wine stain may become thicker and darken and develop into a ‘cobblestone’ appearance with easily noticeable palpable bumps and ridges.

It is estimated that 3 out of every 1000 born babies will suffer from port wine stains. Port wine stains can present anywhere on the body but in most of cases they are seen on one side of the body only, but occasionally on both sides where they are always asymmetrical. Interestingly 65 % of port wine stains are on the head and neck and also they are more common in girls than in boys.


Diagnosis of port wine stains is always clinical examination and generally no diagnostic tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis. If the child is born with is cranio-facial PWS, this child must be seen by specialist paediatricians and if necessary, screened for any intracranial vascular malformations or even expert ophthalmic review to rule out glaucoma.

Generally, port wine stains do not have to be treated unless it is causing low confidence or poor self-esteem etc.

However, those who is having the Pulsed Dye Laser treatment do need protection from the sun, before, during and after laser treatments. We advise them to a high SPF on all areas which are sun exposed, and use a wide brim hat to protect the treated area on the face and/or use of a black umbrella when out in sun.

At Renew Skin and Health Clinic, we offer a pulsed dye laser treatment for PWS which is also a treatment of choice for fading a port wine stains. Pulsed Dye Laser may even help the ‘cobblestone’ effect that develops in adulthood in those unfortunate PWS patients. Pain score during the treatment varies anything between 2-4/10.

Following the Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment, the treated area will immediately appear bruised and this will darken over next 12-24 hrs. From 2nd the 3rd day this bruising will start fading and return to normal by 3rd to 4th week. We advise to repeat the laser treatment sessions every 6-12 weeks.

In our experience, the best result is obtained when a series of treatments is given which can vary from person to person and can see visible improvements even as low as 4-6 treatment sessions.

A Test Patch may be required if a larger area needs to be treated to see the effectiveness of the laser treatment but if the area to be treated is very small then no test patch is required.

Costs: Our consultation fee is £125; A Test Patch will cost £150 and the per session Pulsed Dye Laser treatment varies between £150 to £400.

Disclaimer: Port Wine Stains treatment varies from person to person. We are only currently taking patients ages 14 yrs or older !

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