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These treatments are recommended to men and women
as well and especially to people with obesity problems
which cannot lose weight through diets and physical training.

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Obesity Surgery


Obesity Surgery Treatment

Gaining weight becomes a problem after a while and this happens not only for aesthetical reasons but for health reasons as well. With the weight loss treatments that Renew Skin & Health Clinic offers, your life will get much easier and much more beautiful.

After a specialised consultation, you will find here the perfect method for your body so that you can regain the figure you once had. We are equipped with the best and the most modern technologies for body shaping, plus we have the best specialised physicians in aesthetics who will offer you the most efficient surgical and non-surgical treatments to lose weight.

Our clinic includes many different types of treatments and from these, the ones we recommend for weight loss are: liposuction, abdominoplasty, implementation of a gastric band and the implementation of a gastric balloon..

Obesity Surgery, Liposuction Weight Loss Treatments

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