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The semi-permanent cosmetic make-up or cosmetic tattoo has
become more prevalent in the past 15 years, and despite the fact
that most people resort to it in order to enhance their natural features.

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Nipple Reconstruction


Women who have undergone a mastectomy (removal of the breast or part of the breast to treat cancer or to prevent it) often wish to reconstruct their nipples and the aureola, to improve the aspect of their breasts. Renew Skin and Health Clinic offers their patients a modern method for nipple reconstruction which ensures a realistic result.

Our Renew Skin & Health Clinic is highly specialized in semi permanent cosmetic tattoos which will definitely provide you with the desired results. The micropigmentation or cosmetic tattoo nipple reconstruction for women procedure is a long-term solution for your post-mastectomy operation. Renew Skin and Health Clinic makes use of pigments of inorganic mineral origin that are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and emollient-free. These pigments are inserted into the thin layers of the skin, with the purpose of reshaping and giving color to the area that you want to be redefined. We guarantee high-quality results after this nipple reconstruction procedure for women which is also meant to camouflage post-mastectomy scars.

What you should expect after this nipple reconstruction operation for women is that the treated area might get darker and possibly red and swollen. However, these side-effects will fade away in a matter of days and the results can last up to 5 years, depending on the individual and the skin’s ability to fully absorb the pigment used. As with other pigments used in permanent cosmetic tattooing, they will eventually fade away, so you might decide to do a follow up later, if you want to maintain the scar camouflage effect, nevertheless, comparing the advantages it offers, such as the quality-price relation, this micropigmentation technique is a highly convenient and effective solution.

This procedure of nipple reconstruction for women is also known as micro-pigmentation and it is popular due to its efficiency and outstanding results. After a traumatising mastectomy, you should consider the efficient and low risk reconstruction of the affected area and Renew Skin and Health Clinic can definitely provide you with the best specialists in cosmetic reconstruction. After a professional consultation, our practitioners will give you all the necessary information regarding the scar camouflage procedure you have to undergo. Prior to the application of the pigment used for nipple reconstruction, your skin will be pre-treated with an exfoliation treatment in order to remove dead skin and soften the scars.

Renew Skin and Health Clinic aims at professional results following least invasive procedures for nipple reconstruction for women. To this end, we make use of high-quality pigments which will ensure our patients long-term results. So, if you have undergone a mastectomy and want to improve the aspect of your breasts, then you should consider the nipple reconstruction procedure performed by our specialists at Renew Skin and Health Clinic.

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