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A young, clean and smooth skin is every woman’s dream and at Renew Skin & Health Clinic we can help you get to this result because we use the newest and the most advanced IPL and laser techniques to treat and cure the skin and couperose from face ( rosacea ).

Being exposed to different factors, the skin starts to lose its elasticity and its collagen creating problems at its level. One of these aspects is the couperose which is a vascular affection that creates some skin problems and has complex causes. This couperose affection appears because the vascular wall starts to lose its elasticity as the skin is too exposed to different heat zones like hot baths, sauna and hot packing. Other problems could be the exposure to cool zones or different genetic factors. Usually couperose affects the facial skin but there were cases when it appeared on the neck or near the decolletage. Unless treated, couperose can bring lesions like acne, creating discomfort especially at a psychological level. Being localised at a superficial level, the couperose and rosacea does not play an important role in blood circulation thus couperose removal does not bring any consequences or any complications.

For a fast and fantastic result, the specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic recommend the use of the IPL treatment (intense pulsed light) for the elimination of the couperose and rosacea. The IPL treatment for couperose reduces this skin problem considerably because it uses the emission of pulsed light with a strong intensity. It enters the desired level of the skin without affecting other cutaneous tissues. The light enters the skin at different depths because it is attracted by the red color of the haemoglobin from blood vessels.

The IPL technique is a fast and sure treatment for skin affections and rosacea. Being a non laser technology which uses the light radiation with controlled wavelength, it offers the reduction of couperose in a gentle, non invasive manner, without pain or deterioration of the skin aspect. The procedure is named selective photothermolysis.
The elimination of the couperose does not leave scars and the redness that is showed at the tegument’s level is removed through the toning of the vascular wall and the stimulation of new dermal collagen regeneration.

When a couperose removal treatment with IPL is applied, the person undergoing it can resume his/her daily activities without usually manifesting side effects. All that it has to be done is to respect several conditions like the avoidance of exposure to the sun or frequent hot baths. The results after an IPL treatment can be seen after a week. To get optimal results several, sessions will be needed in a month’s time.

If you confront yourself with a problem like this, the specialised physicians at Renew Skin & Health Clinic are ready to help you by using an advanced technology and a highly prepared medical framework, guaranteeing excellent results. If you want to convince yourself of this fact, we invite you for a complementary consultation at our clinic in Leamington Spa and for a convenient way to treat couperose.

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