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Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa offers
efficient treatments in order to solve this painful problem
of ingrown toenails.

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Ingrown Toenail


Cosmetic surgery has begun to take a more defined place in our lives. Even if not everybody recognises it, we appeal to aesthetic surgeries because we want to look better for ourselves or for others. Sometimes we have to call on a specialist because we have a condition that cannot be treated by any other method. Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa offers a series of surgical and non-surgical treatments for your health and beauty.

One of the reasons we treat a professionals advice, is when we have an ingrown toenail. The foot’s skin and nails should be groomed constantly in order to remain healthy and beautiful, so the proper care of the feet must be a priority.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa offers efficient treatments in order to solve this painful problem of ingrown toenails. The ingrown toenail is, in fact, a growth in the skin of the lateral side causing local inflammation, pain and even infection. This eternal conflict between the nail and the nail’s bed appears more often at the big toe nail. In order to realise that the nail will grow in, the signs are swelling and skin redness. To not reach this situation or to escape as fast as you can from this painful nail it is highly recommended to have a medical pedicure at Renew Skin & Health Clinic.
A medical pedicure doesn’t have an aesthetic purpose but it deals, actually, with solving the nails and skin’s problems. Many people do not focus on foot care and especially in winter time, their problems worsen. The best thing you can do when you fight with these problems is to visit a professional because they can do miracles for the feet by treating fungal nails and other conditions.

The ingrown nail shows an inflammation and a strong pain that occurs firstly when you walk but then you feel it even when you rest as well. This in fact, is the result of a bad pedicure, some repeated strikes, shoes that are too tight or continuous pressing. If you have all these symptoms the best advice is to come and see a doctor because the diagnosis can be made based only by the appearance at the inspection and palpation of the affected nail. The most efficient, quick and widespread treatment is the performing of a small surgery under local anaesthesia. This surgery consists of cutting the entire length of the root portion of the ingrown nail and it can be successfully performed at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, Leamington Spa. Another solution proposed by our clinic is to cure the disease by laser treatment.

In order to treat the ingrown nails or any other problems please call our specialist in feet pedicure from Renew Skin & Health Clinic.

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Ingrowing Toenail

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