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Renew Skin & Health Clinic ensures minor surgery procedures for
the effective and painless of hematomas and sebaceous cysts while
trying to improve the final aesthetic results, minimizing scarring.

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Hematoma and sebaceous cysts are tissue or skin conditions that can become problematic, painful or highly unaesthetic requiring removal. Renew Skin & Health Clinic ensures minor surgery procedures for the effective and painless of hematomas and sebaceous cysts while trying to improve the final aesthetic results, minimizing scarring.

Hematomas are in fact a build-up of blood outside the blood vessel, due to damage to a vessel wall, artery, vein or capillary. Hematomas do usually go away in time due to the body’s repairing system, however, when this fails, the blood continues to leak and the hematoma will expand, causing inflammation, pain, swelling and redness. Hematomas are usually caused by trauma and according to the damaged place, there are several types of hematomas, the most dangerous being the ones that occur inside the skull, followed by the post-operative hematomas. But as previously mentioned, most hematomas have little consequence, except the ones that cause highly specific symptoms such as acute pain, physical distress, necrosis of the overlying skin and persistent inflammation. Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialists and private dermatologists recommend the use of liposuction for hematoma removal, especially from the limbs and after breast or abdominal surgery. This minor surgery is always performed under local anesthetic so rest assured that you will feel no pain, nor discomfort during the hematoma removal liposuction procedure.

Sebaceous cysts or epidermal cysts are small lumps located just underneath the skin, being actually closed sacs containing a build-up of keratin and lipid that has a rather rancid smell due to the fat, bacterial infection or decomposition that may take place inside. These skin bumps are found almost anywhere on the body like the scalp, the face, chest, ears, upper back and arms and are mainly caused by swollen hair follicles, skin injury or trauma, impaired sebaceous gland or bacterial infections. As hematomas, sebaceous cysts are mostly harmless lesions that can disappear in time, however they may develop other symptoms, continuing to grow, become unsightly or infected, painful or all combined.

The proper thing to do is to have the sebaceous cyst(s) diagnosed, so if you are from London you can schedule a consultation at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic branch there and find out if the sebaceous cysts need removal or not; our GP or private dermatologist will also assess your medical history or further recommend a specialist for a biopsy if the lesion looks suspicious at a first visual check-up, precisely to ensure that the cysts are not caused by other causes, malignant or genetic. Sebaceous cyst removal procedure at Renew Skin & Health Clinic is performed by specialists and consultant surgeons with years of experience, under local anesthetic so you won’t feel any pain whatsoever. There are two sebaceous removal techniques: complete excision, which is a bit more invasive and requires suture closure but removes the entire cyst, and minimal excision, which is less invasive, only one incision is made through which the cyst contents are expressed and then thought the same incision the cyst sac is pulled out; this procedure requires only a tiny stitch or none, depending on the specialist’s recommendation, and a bandage to prevent infections. 

Both hematoma removal and sebaceous removal treatments are dermatological minor surgery procedures that are performed quickly, safe and effective, with minimized risks, complications and scarring as our team of specialists and surgeons have achieved a vast experience by performing numerous such procedures.
Before scheduling a consultation at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic branch in London, please send a picture/image of the hematoma or sebaceous cysts that is bothering you so our specialists can pre-analyze it. For more contact information and to upload a picture, please click here!

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