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What are Haemorrhoids?

Haemorrhoids are a very common condition. Most individuals will at some time during their life have some symptoms. The causes are varied. It’s worth noting that haemorrhoids are not found in quadrupeds who walk on all four limbs! Interestingly they are only found in humans who walk upright.

Haemorrhoids are essentially varicose veins of the anal veins. They could be asymptomatic to very severe symptoms. People who suffer from chronic constipations are generally the victim of haemorrhoids. Therefore, our experts stress on healthy lifestyle in general such as drinking lots of oral fluids, eating lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables, less processed food including meat products will keep one away from all sorts of chronic bowel diseases.

Common symptoms:

  • May have no symptoms if haemorrhoids are small. Even large haemorrhoids may be asymptomatic
  • Bleeding: This can happen irrespective of haemorrhoids size! This is usually related to straining to pass stools but this can also happen even without straining at defecation.
  • Prolapse:  This usually happens as the haemorrhoids enlarge in size. In most cases they can be manually pushed back in the anal canal.
  • Perianal symptoms: usually present due to mucous leak, itching, soreness.

Common causes:

  • No specific cause
  • Chronic constipation
  • Straining at defecation
  • Increased intrabdominal pressure
  • Pregnancy.


  • Conservative:  This involves use of stool softeners, high fibre diet and most importantly no straining at defecation.
  • Banding: This involves application of rubber bands be an instrument. This helps procedure helps in fibrosing the veins and reduce the size. This treatment may need to be repeated at times.
  • Surgical: there are various procedures which are done at the hospital and the procedure is commonly called Haemorrhoidectomy and this is done in general or spinal anaesthesia. These radical procedures are usually done for Grade 3/ 4 size piles.


You will need to have an internal examination to confirm the diagnosis of haemorrhoids and to rule out any other cause

At first visit a detailed history is taken to make a provisional diagnosis. After that a date will be arranged for a rigid sigmoidoscopy and for banding if the haemorrhoids are visualised. A separate date is needed as bowel preparation is needed. Multiple haemorrhoids can be banded at the same sitting. It takes a few weeks after the first application to assess the benefits and need for more banding.


Haemorrhoids are difficult to treat. No method guarantees a permanent solution. This is due to the fact that more haemorrhoids can form. The aim is symptomatic control and relief of symptoms.

Disclaimer: This treatment varies from person to person.

Haemorrhoid Treatment Starts from £250.

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If you have any questions or interested to discuss your case with our specialist, please call or WhatsApp: +44 1926 422 454

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