Genital Warts Treatments

Genital warts are a skin condition caused by the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) and in the UK is the second most common Sexually Transmissible Infection after chlamydia. There are over 100 different HPV roots, but only about 30 of which are responsible for the appearance of warts in the genital area. Most of them however are caused by type 6 or type 11 HPV. What is important to know is that genital warts can be transmitted through vaginal or anal sex or by sharing sex toys, but it can also be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact.

Usually, genital warts are painless and harmless and do not have a severe impact upon the person’s general health. Nevertheless they are unaesthetic and frustrating and sometimes they cause psychological distress. This is why many patients resort to one of the procedures Renew Skin & Health Clinic has to offer for genital warts removal.

One of the main solutions for genital warts removal is cryotherapy which involves the use of liquid nitrogen that is recommended in the treatment of warts located on the shaft of the penis or the vulva and removing genital warts by freezing them. You might experience a mild burning sensation during the procedure and develop an irritation or feel pain post-operatively. It usually takes about one to three weeks for the skin to heal, during which you should contain yourself from having any sexual intercourse.

For more hardened genital warts, usually the smaller ones which merge and create a cauliflower shape, excision could also be a solution. This means that the warts are cut away with a scalpel under local anesthesia and the incision will be stitched. Like in the case of cryotherapy, it also takes about one to three weeks for the skin to heal during which sexual activities are discouraged.

In the case of large warts that develop around the anus or the vulva, radiosurgery is a very efficient solution genital warts removal. Radiosurgery is usually coupled with the excision of the main part of the wart. Then a metal loop charged with electric current is passed over the wart to burn away the leftovers. Radiosurgery for genital warts removal is painless, as a local anesthetic is used, scarless and due to the simultaneous cauterization property, it prevents bleeding and future infections, the radio waves solely acting upon the lesions, without causing any damage to the adjacent tissues. As a result, the healing process is enhanced.

Lastly, at Renew Skin & Health Clinic you can also benefit from a modern and professional CO2 laser treatment for your genital warts removal. The CO2 laser therapy is usually recommended in case the warts are located in an area which is harder to access (inside the anus or urethra, for instance). The procedure consists in using a laser beam to burn away the warts and depending on their severity and size, it can be undergone under local or general anesthesia. As with most types of genital warts removal treatments, the CO2 laser therapy can also cause irritation and pain after the procedure, but the skin recovers within two to four weeks.

You can benefit from any of the genital warts removal treatments mentioned above, at Renew Skin & Health Clinic. However, first you need to book an appointment and have a consultation with one of our experienced specialists who will confirm whether or not you suffer from genital warts and will recommend you the most suitable treatment for your skin.

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