Fordyce Spots Removal

Fordyce spots are a skin disorder that manifests both in men and in women through the appearance of small, elevated, pale, red or whitish bumps on the shaft of the penis or the scrotum, respectively on the labia, and in some cases even on the inner surface and borders of the lips. Much like the Pearly Penile Papules, these skin lesions are not contagious, are asymptomatic, harmless, never cancerous and not sexually transmissible. The only hindrance they cause is a cosmetic one, which can also lead to psychological stress due to the fact that they are highly visible (when on the lips).

Renew Skin & Health Clinic provides our patients with a highly effective, safe and quick Fordyce spots removal treatment, namely the electrodessication procedure with radiosurgery. As with other types of skin bumps and lesions, radiosurgery is very well tolerated as it is firstly a non-surgical procedure, which operates with low temperatures and high frequency energy upon the Fordyce spots, eliminating them from within. The scarring risk with radiosurgery is also very low, almost inexistent, moreover, due to the simultaneous cauterization property, bleeding and possible future infections are prevented, which is a real advantage, given the high sensitivity of the genital area.

The radiosurgery treatment for Fordyce spots removal, both in men and in women requires a specialized dermatological consultation, so that our Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialist can rule out any other skin conditions that may resemble this disorder (such as Pearly papules or genital warts), perform a thorough skin examination and assess your medical history and current health condition for a proper diagnosis. Another condition to be met is to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the radiosurgery treatment for Fordyce spots removal.

After all these criteria are met, you will undergo the electrodessication procedure with radiosurgery for the effective removal of the unaesthetic Fordyce spots. Our Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialists recommend that during the 4 week-recovery you avoid any penetrative sexual activity to allow the treated area to heal completely. The specialist in charge of your case will also provide you will any necessary post-procedure care advice so that recovery is complete and aesthetic and that your expectations are met entirely.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic thus invites you to contact our Head Office to schedule an appointment for the Fordyce spots removal treatment with radiosurgery. Our operators are at your disposal with any type of information you may require and will also indicate the Renew Clinic centre closest to your area.

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