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The Eyelid skin tag removal laser treatment is non-invasive,
scarless and effective, does not cause any damage to the
adjacent tissues and does not require repeated treatments.

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Eyelid Skin Tags


Eyelid Skin Tags Removal

Because these annoying skin tags can decrease people’s self-esteem, our specialized doctors at Renew Skin & Health Clinic want to make sure that every person who deals with this kind of condition will get the best and adequate treatment, using the best medical technology, in order to regain their self-esteem and optimism.

The most common area where facial skin tags appear is on the eyelid. Dr. Jha recommends that every patient who has skin tags on eyelids see an experienced doctor to undergo an effective eyelid skin tag removal treatment that implies the use of medical equipment, rather than using home remedies, due to their closeness to such a sensitive organ, the eye.

Moreover, various natural or home remedies may induce burns or cause severe eye irritation and damage, produce discoloration of the skin or cause eyelashes to fall off.

Professional Deka Co2 Laser Treatment for Scarless Eyelid Skin Tags Removal

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