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Pigmentation spots harm your beauty,Renew Skin & Health Clinic
is the medical cosmetic centre you need to get rid of this
pigmentation disorder through safe, painless and fast treatments.

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The aesthetic distress of wrinkles, fine lines, expression wrinkles and all the other facial skin imperfections resulted from the aging process or from overexposure to UV rays led to the creation of cosmetic treatments for facial beautification and rejuvenation.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic offers medical and cosmetic services performed with professionalism and great skill for wrinkle removal and face beautification. Doctor Nawal K Jha has years of experience in performing high quality and long lasting dermal filler treatments for wrinkle removal, lip enhancement or cheek highlighting for a more youthful and attractive appearance.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic Clinic you can diminish the unaesthetic effects of the ageing process, overexposure to UV light and poor skin elasticity with the revolutionary non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic dermal filler treatments. These dermal filler treatments consist in the injection of specially designed substances into strategic targeted points in order to fill up wrinkles, skin folds, fine lines, creases and eventually to help lip, chin or cheek enhancement. Our cosmetic specialists use a special substance and cosmetic product in order to receive better results in a certain area as each area has slightly different characteristics. There are all kinds of dermal fillers, from organic to synthetic or of animal origin. An efficient formula generally used in the cosmetic treatments for wrinkle removal and skin folds diminishing is the hyaluronic acid, naturally present in our systems which presents a compatible bond with the receiver area. The hyaluronic acid formula is organic and has proven desirable cosmetic effects in nasolabial folds removal, fine lines removal or lip augmentation.

Cosmetic specialists who carry their activity at Renew Skin & Health Clinic refer to these dermal fillers as ‘liquid facelifts’ mainly because these treatments would offer the same benefits of a surgical facelift but without the downtime or the complications and risks involved. Even if the effects of the dermal fillers are noticeable in an instant, the overall effect might vanish as some of the dermal fillers are absorbed by the human body in approx. 6 to 9 months. Because the effects of these wrinkle removal treatments are not permanent, most of the patients opt for repeated and constant sessions of dermal filler treatments for wrinkle removal to maintain their youthful look. Nevertheless, with every repeated dermal filler session, the wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation results will last for longer periods of time. Cosmetic specialist and clinic lead, Doctor Nawal K Jha recommends a dermal filler wrinkle removal treatment to all those who would like to look as young as they feel with a safe and efficient cosmetic treatment performed with great professionalism and skill. 

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