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What is a Chalazion or Eyelid Cyst?

A Chalazion, also known as a Meibomian cyst or an Eyelid cyst, may appear on the upper or lower eyelids, but most commonly in the upper eyelid. It can also appear on both eyes at the same time.

Simply speaking, a chalazion is a small and slow-growing lump or cyst that develops on the eyelids.
When the tiny Meibomian gland (a gland that produces a lubricant to lubricate the surface of the eye) at the edge of an eyelid gets blocked or inflamed, a Chalazion can develop. They usually last for a few weeks and rarely even longer.

A Chalazion can also develop due to viral conjunctivitis, a type of eye infection.
It starts as a small red tiny bump within the eyelid but and this may gradually grows a little bigger in size with time.
If its size becomes large enough, it can even blur or block your vision. However, it is usually painless in nature.

Why should you be concerned?

Most of the time, a Chalazion goes away without any kind of treatment but sometimes it may become red, swollen, and painful if an infection is present. That’s why we always recommend you to get treated by an experienced consultant ophthalmic surgeon as soon as possible.

At Renew skin and health clinic in Lemington spa we do have a dedicated highly experienced oculoplastic surgeon to help you with your eyelid issues such as a Chalazion or an Eyelid cyst.  A Chalazion or Eyelid cyst is a fairy common issue but not currently covered under NHS. But, we always recommend you to first consult with your GP and enquire if you can be treated under NHS.

If you are contacting us via WhatsApp +44 1926 422 454, please write a few lines about your chalazion such as duration of this issue, any pain or discomfort, any previous chalazion treatment etc. Also add few lines about your general health including any long term health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure etc and share a very well focussed image of your affected eye.

Costs: Our online consultation via WhatsApp is free. Once diagnosis is confirmed via WhatsApp our all inclusive costs for Chalazion treatment is currently £850.

Disclaimer: Chalazion removal treatment varies from person to person.

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Renew Skin and Health Clinic is especially necessary to the public since very few other medical institutions in the country treat these rather delicate medical issues. We emphasize not only the effectiveness of the medical treatment we offer but also the importance of comfort and the general wellbeing of the patient.

We always take great care to offer treatments that offer the best results. Our trained and certified medical staff are prepared to provide proper medical treatment and to address various skin blemishes you may have.

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