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What is Chalazion?

There are glands around the eyelashes which secretes oily substances. Sometimes the opening of these glands become blocked resulting in the development of a chalazion. This is also called a meibomian cyst.

These cysts vary in size and can sometimes discharge by itself or following hot compresses. But this doesn’t always happen. They can present as non-tender swelling of variable size over the eyelid.

If the meibomian cyst is large and causing concerns then one should seek help from their local eye surgeons who can potentially drain the chalazion.

At Renew Skin and Health clinic we have a dedicated experienced eye surgeon who can see and treat many eye conditions including chalazion as a day case under local anesthesia.

Disclaimer: Chalazion removal treatment varies from person to person.

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Renew Skin and Health Clinic is especially necessary to the public since very few other medical institutions in the country treat these rather delicate medical issues. We emphasize not only the effectiveness of the medical treatment we offer but also the importance of comfort and the general wellbeing of the patient.

We always take great care to offer treatments that offer the best results. Our trained and certified medical staff are prepared to provide proper medical treatment and to address various skin blemishes you may have.

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