Genital Treatments


A vasectomy is a safe, simple and efficient sterilisation procedure for men, being used as a birth control method in many parts of the world. Research has shown that a vasectomy indicates an efficiency level of 99,6%, being the safest contraception method there is that implies fewer complications and a much faster downtime than in the case …

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction sometimes refers to impotence and is characterised as a man’s incapacity to obtain or maintain an erection that falls into normal parameters. Millions of men suffer from erectile problems which can be caused by various conditions, diseases, post-surgical complications, treatment side-effects, lifestyle and psychological factors. Erectile dysfunction can be treated at any age, the treatment depending on your …

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Painful Intercourse Treatment

Renew Skin & Health Clinic, together with our specialist MBBCh, MSc and MRCOG, Dr. Amgad R Habib can help people in Birmingham, Rugby, Coventry, Leamington Spa and not only, to deal and treat various genital affections that cause painful intercourse and sexual difficulties. Dr. Habib completed his training in Genito-Urinary Medicine in West Midlands Hospitals and has been appointed as a Consultant …

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Angiokeratoma Causes

Angiokeratoma is a harmless skin condition manifesting through small 2 to 5 mm spots on the scrotum or the vulva, ranging in colour from red to black, with a potentially rough or scaly surface. Angiokeratomas are in fact dilated cutaneous capillaries that can easily bleed if scratched or harmed. Appearing on the scrotum or the …

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Radio Surgery Wart Removal

[layerslider id=”5″] Our Doctors Find Locations Request Appointment Skin tag/wart removal/skin lesions-with or without biopsies After acne, the most common skin problem is represented by warts, verrucae and skin tags. They can appear everywhere on the body, they have an unaesthetic look and sometimes, even if they are not painful, they may be itchy. Although there …

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