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At Renew Skin And Health Clinic, most such birthmarks are subjected
to a test treatment to establish responsiveness of the treatment before
proceeding to full laser treatment.

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Cosmetics is a term that defines the preservation and beatification of the body through various methods of care. Cosmetic treatments for body, slimming and body treatments can be surgical and non-surgical but they need to be made by those who are specialised in medical cosmetics after some detailed consultations, according to the needs and requirement of each individual.

You can benefit from all these advantages of laser lipolysis within the Renew Skin & Health Clinic cosmetic center and enjoy an enviable figure under the close supervision of our specialists and specialists doctors. In most cases, multiple laser treatments sessions are required with a gap of 6-8 weeks between the treatments. Interestingly these laser treatments are not painful and often loosely described as a flick of a rubber band on the skin.

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