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What is Angiokeratoma?

Of the most common types of angiokeratoma, angiokeratoma of Fordyce, which is not to be mistaken for Fordyce Spots, is a genial skin condition manifesting through benign lesions of capillaries which create uneashtetic small bumps of red, blue, purple or dark colour on the scrotum in men, respectively on the vaginal area in women, but showing a higher incidents in male individuals.

Although they are asymptomatic, genital angiokeratomas usually develop a rough, scaly surface which can easily be harmed or damaged unintentionally, causing scrotal or vaginal bleeding and potential infections if not cleansed or disinfected properly.

At a first glance, angiokeratomas of Fordyce are mistaken for STIs, but they are in fact non-contagious and thus not sexually transmittable and have no connection to personal hygiene.

The causes of angiokeratomas are not well-determined, but most specialists consider them a results of increased blood vessel pressure, enzyme deficiency or in the rare case of angiokeratomas of Fabry’s Syndrome, they are caused by a genetic inheritance. 

Disclaimer: Angiokeratoma removal treatment varies from person to person.

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