Anal Skin Tag Removal

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What is a Anal Skin Tag?

Anal skin tags are small, harmless skin growths of excessive skin that occur around the anal area. They often develop when the skin around the anal opening has been stretched from issues such as haemorrhoids or even following childbirth.

Anal skin tags can cause hygiene issues and can impact self-confidence to the sufferers.

Why to have Anal Skin Tag removal treatment?

There are number of reasons why someone may choose to have an anal skin tag surgically removed

Hygienic Reasons: Anal skin tags can potentially make the anal cleansing difficult in day-to-day life, leading to hygiene issues.

Discomfort or irritation: Skin tags in the anal area generally cause some degree of discomfort, irritation, or itching.

Confidence issues: Some of the people who has anal skin tags may feel self-conscious or even experience reduced confidence due to the presence of these unwanted skin growths.

What happens at the consultation/ treatment?

During anal skin tag removal consultation, you expect the clinician to examine you to ensure that it is safe to remove and that there is no underlying pathology associated such as haemorrhoids as well as chronic dorsal anal fissure. The clinician may need to carry our digital examination of the anus and a proctoscopy or even rigid sigmoidoscopy in this process, but you will be fully explained about each such steps as appropriate:

Removal of Anal Skin Tags

This is a day case procedure. The surgeon will administer a local anaesthetic injection to numb the area, ensuring a painless procedure. After the procedure, you will be discharged home on the same day.
The healing in the perianal area is generally very rapid and one generally heals completely at the end of one week.

Return to Usual Activities

You can typically expect to resume your usual activities within a day two days following this treatment.

Post Procedure Discomfort

Some degree of mild discomfort or even soreness is expected in the treated area but this can be managed easily with over-the-counter pain medications.

Follow-up care

Following your procedure, you will be given up a free of charge follow up date at the end of 4-5 weeks to ensure complete healing and recovery.

Disclaimer: Anal Skin Tag treatment varies from person to person.

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Renew Skin and Health Clinic is especially necessary to the public since very few other medical institutions in the country treat these rather delicate medical issues. We emphasize not only the effectiveness of the medical treatment we offer but also the importance of comfort and the general wellbeing of the patient.

We always take great care to offer treatments that offer the best results. Our trained and certified medical staff are prepared to provide proper medical treatment and to address various skin blemishes you may have.

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If you have any questions or interested to discuss your case with our specialist, please call or WhatsApp: +44 1926 422 454

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