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Age Spots Removal


Age Spots Removal

Age spots usually appear in adults who are older than 50, but there have been cases in which younger people have experienced them. They are also called liver spots and as their name says it, they start to appear as we age. Age spots don’t have an exact size, they can vary from person to person, but what is known for sure is the fact that you can have them on your hands, face, arms and shoulders, the areas of your body that are more exposed to the sun.

Age spots are usually represented by brown or black, flat or oval areas of increase pigmentation on the skin. Some people might mistake them with cancerous growth, but in reality age spots are harmless. The downside is the fact that they can be unaesthetic, thus damaging your self-esteem. The best way to protect your skin from age spots is by avoiding smoking, long exposure to the sun and by using sunscreen before going outside because the UV light accelerates the production of melanin, the pigment that gives your skin color.

Age Spots Removal Treatments With Laser and Professional Atache Products

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