Palpable and visible lumps just under the skin are very common. There are a wide range of causes for skin lumps, most of which are harmless or benign, but few of them can indicate a more serious condition. For people in Worcester who are worried about their head lumps, neck lumps or eyelid lumps, or who are just dissatisfied with the way these lumps and bumps make them look like, Renew Skin and Health Clinic provides state-of-the-art technology and procedures for accurate diagnosis and minor surgery for their removal.

Head lumps are usually the lumps about which people worry most, due to the increasing incidence of cancer. Although they can be an indicator, if they represent a form of cancer, they usually have other symptoms as well, including numbness, paralysis of facial muscles, ear pain, red patches inside the mouth, etc. Besides this, head lumps can also be caused by head injuries due to the fact that this is a highly vascularized area, sebaceous cysts, due to a blockage of a sebaceous gland, dermatoid cysts which are an overgrowth of normal tissue in an abnormal location and usually appear on the sides of the head, or lipomas, which are soft, painless, benign tumors under the skin.

Neck lumps also represent a great concern for the population, and like head lumps, they can be a sign of tyroid gland cancer or other tyroid diseases, but they are most commonly caused by enlarged lymph nodes, or an infection, an inflammation or even a trauma. Cysts can also be causing this type of lumps due to a blockage of a gland, being sometimes even present at birth.These neck lumps can be single or multiple, soft or firm, painfull or painless.

Concerning eyelid lumps, people usually see a specialist due to aesthetic reasons, especially since most of them are caused by an inflamed oil gland and usually heal on their own over several days, but, as with any other type of lumps, they can in be caused in some cases by other conditions such as Xanthelasma, which is a raised yellow patch on your eyelid, Papillomas, which are pink or skin-colored bumps, sebaceous cysts, actinic keratosis and in most severe cases, skin cancer.

At Renew Skin and Health Clinic, our private dermatologists use only the latest technology for diagnosis and, afterwards they can recommend you the most appropriate treatment. We usually recommend a minor surgery procedure due to the fact that it is quick and painless and it provides excellent cosmetic results. This treatment is a private day case procedure, allowing you to leave the clinic right after the head lump removal, neck lump removal and eyelid lump removal treatment is performed.

In order to benefit from the minor surgery and state-of-the-art diagnosis technology, call our Renew Skin and Health Clinic Head Office on 01926 422 454 and book a consultation with one of our private dermatologists, in order to have the flawless skin that you desire.