Renew Skin and Health Clinic welcomes people in Worcester to benefit from the advantages of minor surgery for fast, painless and safe abscess removal treatments. An abscess is a defensive reaction of your organism to an infection caused by a bacteria or virus or an inflammation caused by other foreign materials that break your protective skin barrier. They are often easy to feel just by touching them because their middle is full of pus. The surrounding area color can range from pink to dark red, it is painful and warm to touch.

These painful abscesses can show up anywhere on your body and unlike other types of infection, they will not usually be cured by antibiotics; hence you will have to see a specialists to have your abscess removed. Despite the fact that an abscess can be caused by a virus or bacteria, they can also appear due to a sebaceous or sweat gland blockage, due to an exposure to dirty environments and by weakened immune systems.

The most common symptoms of an abscess are pain, swelling and tenderness of that area. There are some abscesses which evolve and come to a head and then they will rupture, but most of them will get worse if left untreated because the infection can spread into the deeper tissues and cause fever and some other more severe symptoms.

At Renew Skin and Health Clinic, our specialists or private dermatologists will first consult you in order to give you an accurate diagnosis, because there are conditions that resemble abscesses; the GP will also perform a thorough medical history check, and only afterwards will he/she recommend you the best abscess removal treatment. Minor surgery is the best choice for these cases as, with the help of a small incision, all the pus is completely drained from your abscess.

The minor surgery abscess removal treatment is fast and painless as it is performed under a local anesthetic. Because the pressure is removed, you will start feeling better right away. After the abscess removal procedure, there is no downtime required and because of the fact that the abscess drainage procedure is performed by fully qualified dermatologists, it will heal faster and great cosmetic results are ensured, the scarring being minimal.

If you are from Worcester and you want to know more about the abscess removal minor surgery procedure or book a consultation with one of our GPs feel free to contact our Renew Skin and Health Clinic Head Office on 01926 422 454, and get rid of the painful abscesses with the minor surgery removal procedure, that ensure great cosmetic results.