Alyse - Virtually scarless labiaplasty minor surgery

Is the post-operative labiaplasty procedure leaving any visible scars?

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Answer for Will there be any scars left after the labiaplasty incisions? from Renew Skin Team
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The labiaplasty minor surgery, performed by our experienced doctors at Renew Skin & Health Clinic is performed by making small incisions in the intimate area, to ensure labial tissue reduction or reshaping. Incisions undoubtedly bring along a scarring process, but that shouldnt intimidate you, as our experienced doctors work efficiently and very meticulously, ensuring the smallest cuts and the best post-operative cosmetic results.

As mentioned above, there will be some scars remaining, but their tiny dimensions, as well as the healing process that will make them fade away in time, will certainly improve their aspect and your partner wont be able to notice them. Moreover, the incisions are made in such a manner as to be hidden between the genital folds of the labia, being virtually inexistent.

Its a misjudgment to assess the scars right after the labiaplasty surgery. The scars need time to mature and only after the first three months, will you be able to make a better idea about their healing progress. For the ultimate, most satisfactory result, a patient should wait 6-12 months after the surgery to be able to judge the appearance of the remaining scars, after the healing process is complete and the redness and swelling is not persistent anymore.

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