Sanae - Ideal candidate for hymen reconstruction surgery

What medical condition is required for someone to become a viable candidate for hymenoplasty? 

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Answer for Who is the Ideal Candidate for Hymenoplasty? from Renew Skin Team
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Hymenoplasty, also known as hymen reconstruction surgery or hymenorrhaphy, is a simple, relatively non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can convincingly restore the integrity of the hymenal ring while exposing the patient to very limited risks. Basically, a new hymen is reconstructed by carefully sowing together the remnant hymenal tissue using dissolvable stitches in order to facilitate the healing process and obtain a convincing aesthetic result. The duration of the hymenoplasty procedure may vary between 30 and 45 minutes and requires a resting period of 1 to 2 days. Because the surgical procedure involves very little stress or trauma to the patient's body, it is not difficult to be considered a viable candidate.

The basic requirements needed in order to be viewed as a viable candidate for hymen reconstruction surgery are that the patient is a healthy woman who has experienced hymenal rupture due to an accidental fall, excessive physical effort or sexual intercourse and does not suffer from a serious heart condition or diabetes. It is also preferable that the patient is a least 18 years old and is determined to undergo the procedure because of the improvements it will bring to her personal situation. A detailed medical and gynecological examination is necessary in order to determine if the hymen restoration procedure is suitable for you, afterwards, you are able to make an informed decision. Please take into consideration that, despite being able to return to work 1 or 2 days after the actual operation, you will have to be willing to abstain from sexual intercourse for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. If you wish to undergo this procedure in a safe environment, Renew Skin & Health Clinic is ready to place its team of gynecological specialists at your disposal. In order to benefit from the best hymenoplasty, simply contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and schedule an appointment.

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