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What are the symptoms that signal mole alterations? Are there clear, noticeable changes that can be observed in time regarding the moles' evolution? 

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Answer for When should I worry about a mole on my skin? from Renew Skin Team
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The moment when someone should worry about a mole or several moles on their skin is when it presents sudden changes in terms of shape, color, size and texture, or if itching, redness and pus appears.
There are some simple rules that you can use as a guide when analyzing the moles on your body: the ABCDE rules refer to Asymmetry (when the halves of a mole become asymmetrical), Borders (the margins of a mole become irregular and serrated), Color (there are changes in the color or shade of the mole), Diameter (the mole develops and grows in size) and Evolution (the aforementioned changes continue to evolve and may be accompanied by the other alarming sensations: itching, redness and pus). It is the exact moment when you should urgently consult a dermatologist.

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