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When is a mole cancerous and what are the symptoms that may describe cancerous characteristics?

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Moles or melanocytic nevi must be monitored on a regular basis both at home and at a specialist's office at least once a year. Thus, if you notice that some moles present changes in shape, color or size, if the halves become asymmetrical, if they change texture or you experience itching, redness or pus, you should immediately see a specialist doctor.

You can benefit from such medical check-ups at Renew Skin & Health Clinic. The first step would be a visual examination of the moles with the help of the dermoscope which allows their closer observations, enlarging the image up to 10 times more. If certain moles are considered to be suspicious, a dermatologist will perform a more detailed examination. He/she can also recommend a biopsy, more exactly, tissue sampling from the mole or the removal of the entire naevus. The sample is then further sent to a lab for pathological and histological analysis. Only when the tests prove that the mole has suffered malignant alterations, can the specialist set an accurate diagnosis, not earlier and hence he/she can prescribe a correct anti-cancer treatment. Nevertheless, if discovered at an early stage the malignant melanoma or skin cancer can be treated, that's why a regular observation of moles is indicated and recommended by the specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic.

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