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When is it safe to exercise after a breast augmentation in Worcester?

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Answer for When can I restart exercising after breast augmentation in Worcester? from Renew Skin Team
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Your personal cosmetic surgeon is your best guide regarding how long you will need to remain off work. Ask your cosmetic surgeon when and how to resume certain activities such as exercising because there is a different recovery period to any breast augmentation cosmetic treatment. From our patients we found out that the first few days are the most uncomfortable and that the doctors usually advice 4 weeks of rest before returning to full activities.

It is important to know that the incisions must be protected from sweat, heat or extreme physical activity because your body needs time to rest and heal thus to close and heal the incisions in a healthy and aesthetic manner. The aim of the recovery period is to minimize swelling around the implant while exercises and intense physical activity especially with the upper part of the body are something you could do only after complete healing.

If you recently had a breast augmentation in Worcester and you already want to continue your work-out routine, it is always better to consult your cosmetic surgeon on this matter before taking any decision.

Please book a consultation at Renew Skin &Health Clinics Head Office in order to receive more information on this matter right from our cosmetic specialists.

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