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What can happen if a mole is hurt while shaving or brushing and what are the complications that may follow such an incident?

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Moles have different shapes, some are flat, others more dished, the latter presenting a higher injury risk with dressing, shaving or combing.
When you have harmed/broken/hooked a mole, even if there's no bleeding, it's recommended for you to see a dermatologist to remove it and establish its nature. After the tests, it can prove to be benign, as in most cases, or a melanoma can be discovered, but this happens in more severe situations. Nevertheless, discovered in an early stage, melanoma can be treated.

In the former case, when the mole is benign, its removal is made through radiosurgery, an efficient, quick, painless and very safe procedure. Only the mole will be removed, the adjacent tissues will not suffer any damage and then, the entire mole or the tissue sample will be sent for further analysis within a lab.
In no way should you ignore the harmed mole because the incident can cause an infection, or malignant alterations and no one should take such a risk.

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