Andie - Ideal age to undergo large labia reduction minor surgery

Although the normal anatomy of the labia varies, when should women alter it with surgery?

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Answer for What is the normal shape and size of labia and when should women have it corrected? from Renew Skin Team
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As most women know, the normal anatomy of the labia varies from person to person, longer or more protruding labia minor or major being absolutely normal. For example, about half of the women in the world have longer labia minora than labia majora. The same situation is with symmetry and colour. There is nothing to worry about and as long as it does not create any discomfort, it is recommended not to intervene surgically. On the other hand, if larger labia cause discomfort, pain and irritation during sexual intercourse, daily activities or when wearing certain types of tighter clothes, you should consider undergoing labiaplasty. But not before the age of 18, because until approximately that age, the labia are still developing and may be changing shape and size. Moreover, if the labia appearance bothers you to such an extent that your self-confidence is severely affected and you feel embarrassed wearing bikinis or tight pants, you can always opt for labiaplasty or the designer vagina minor surgery procedure, which will correct the size and shape of the labia, depending on your expectations, being a purely cosmetic treatment.

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