Tamara - The life-span of nipple restoration cosmetic tattoos

What is the general life-span of nipple restoration semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos and how does this relate to the client’s long-term financial input?

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Answer for What is the life-span of a Nipple Restoration cosmetic tattoos? from Renew Skin Team
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The use of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos for nipple restoration implies that a cosmetic specialist introduces a special pigment into the superficial stratum of the epidermis in order to improve the aesthetic features of the client. The period of time the pigment will reside within the skin depends heavily on the type of skin, the degree of exposure to the sun and the quality of the pigments used in the process. Generally, the outcome of one single nipple restoration session can last up to 5 years if the procedure has been performed correctly and the client has followed the post-operatory indications of the specialist. If you choose to undergo this procedure within a controlled environment and under the supervision of a well-trained specialist, the life-span of the cosmetic tattoo will extend considerably. Comparing the benefits of areola micropigmentation conducted under the appropriate circumstances and the cost of the process, we notice that there is a quality-price ratio that is favorable for the client. A minimal investment will provide you with considerable long-term benefits and will help you re-gain your confidence. Renew Skin & Health Clinic guarantees that the highest standards are upheld and that great care is invested in every one of our patients; we invite you to make an appointment and benefit from the high-quality services we have to offer.

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