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What are the advantages of radiosurgery in genital warts removal? What are the implications and results, especially from an aesthetic point of view? 

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Answer for What is the best treatment for genital warts in London? from Renew Skin Team
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Genital warts can be problematic skin lesions due to the HPV that causes them, which can also trigger cervical cancer in women, that's the first and most important reason why you should have genital warts removed. Secondly, they are highly unaesthetic skin lesions that cause many physical and psychological inconveniences.

If you are from London, schedule a consultation at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic branch in London, and after assessing your medical history and current health condition, our GP can recommend the treatment that best suits your skin condition. Nevertheless, due to the amazing results obtained at our cosmetic clinic in skin lesion removal and its highly effective properties, radiosurgery may be recommended for you as a painless, efficient and scarless treatment for the removal of genital warts. To find out more about genital warts removal with radiosurgery, schedule a consultation at our clinic branch in London!

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