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What is a gel manicure, what does the application imply and what are the benefits of this beauty service in terms of nail maintenance?

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Answer for What is a gel manicure? from Renew Skin Team
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Nail technicians at Renew Skin & Health Clinic beauty salon explain that this type of manicure uses a gel-like solution that binds the synthetic fingernails to your natural ones. The advantages of gel manicure is that gel nails are stronger and less likely to chip, are odorless (unlike acrylic nails), healthier and look more natural. During the manicure treatment, the gel is applied onto the existing nail and cured under an ultraviolet light. The natural fingernails continue to grow under the gel, which also acts like a shield, ensuring protection for them. Taking into account a person's lifestyle, gel manicure can last up to one month, and after it is simply filled with more gel where the nail has grown out, near the cuticles. Professional maintenance is easy and fast and if you want to remove them, all you need to do is have them filed, without any harm to your natural nail. You can also have your gel nails decorated and painted in various colors, however, most women usually prefer the French manicure style which is stylish, elegant and at the same time simple and fresh-looking.

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