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Does the cosmetic clinic in Leamington Spa perform both surgical and non-surgical hair transplant treatments? Which would be the best option for an advanced degree of alopecia?

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Answer for What is a better choice, non-surgical or surgical hair transplant? from Renew Skin Team
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This decision depends on the patient's expectations and on the specialist recommendations. The non-surgical hair transplant is perfect for those who do not want a surgical intervention which is quite invasive and implies the removal of the existing, healthy hair from a donor area. It basically consists in the application of a thin, transparent membrane made out of various materials such as polyurethane, monofilament or lace, but still offers a natural aspect of the hair, as the membrane is infused at a follicular unit level. The downside of a non-surgical hair transplant is the maintenance of the hair membrane which requires cleaning, cutting and so on and is usually preferable to be performed by the specialists who created it.

The surgical hair transplant procedure offers you two methods: FUE and FUT hair transplant referring to a Follicular Unit Extraction respectively a Follicular Unit Transplant. Although more invasive, this is a permanent hair transplant technique consisting in the harvesting or extraction of hair from a donor area of the head, usually the back and its implant in the bald or alopecia-affected areas. The difference between these 2 techniques is the hair harvesting manner: FUE extracts the hair in follicular units from the straight from the donor area, while the FUT extracts the follicular units from a strip tissue removed from the donor area.

The specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa can provide you with information about a non-surgical or surgical hair transplant so you can take into consideration all details and information before deciding on the hair transplant type. We ensure professional services and guarantee satisfaction with the results achieved!

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