Lillah - Possible hymenoplasty risks and complications

What medical complications may arise from undergoing a hymenoplasty procedure? 

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Hymen reconstruction surgery, or simply hymenoplasty, is a relatively simple form of cosmetic surgery that entails very few risks for the patient and can produce very convincing aesthetic results. If you opt for this procedure, the gynecological surgeon will simply reconstruct the hymen by sewing the remnant hymenal tissue together using special dissolving stitches. If performed correctly and within the proper environment, hymenoplasty is a very effective means of hymen restoration, making it very difficult for anyone to realize that hymenal rupture has ever been experienced. Still, there are some potentially serious medical complications associated with this operation, especially when the medical staff is not particularly experienced or is using improper equipment.

Some bruising and swelling is considered normal after the procedure has ended, but there are some patients who are especially predisposed to this. If the hymen is naturally placed in such a way as to be compressed with greater pressure, then the patient will probably experience considerable discomfort. Fortunately, this can be easily treated with over-the-counter medication and the pain eventually subsides. Excessive bleeding can also be a possible medical occurrence if the operating medical staff is not very accustomed with hymen reconstruction surgery. While some limited hemorrhage is not uncommon in the affected area immediately after the procedure, if it persists and becomes more intense, chances are that thorough medical examination will be necessary in order to establish what the issue is. If this issue is not addressed immediately, the patient may risk developing hematoma or embolism. This is highly undesirable since it can considerably complicate the recovery period.

Prolonged numbness is another hymenoplasty risk that may arise if the procedure is conducted improperly. Some sense of numbness in the treated area is normal, especially immediately after the procedure, but this should quickly disappear after a few days. If the numbness persists beyond that period, it may mean that some nerve damage has occurred during the operation. If you wish to minimize all of these risks, simply contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and schedule an appointment. We can provide you with excellent expertise and medical service.

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