Lucy - Minimum risks with dermal filler treatments for wrinkle removal

What are the risks and complications involved in dermal filler procedures for wrinkle removal?

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Answer for What are the possible risks and complications of dermal filler treatments? from Renew Skin Team
Renew Team

If you have set your heart on a wrinkle removal dermal filler treatment then the first thing you should do is find a highly qualified and experienced cosmetic specialist because his/her expertise can influence the outcome of your procedure. We have such experienced cosmetic specialists at our Renew Skin and Health Clinic, and our patients’ testimonials prove that they are very good. At the first consultation with the cosmetic specialist you will be able to discuss the desired results of the dermal fillers treatment after which your facial appearance and skin tone will be examined, paying special attention to the areas of your face to be augmented or corrected with the appropriate cosmetic dermal filler. After these necessary steps have been taken, he/she will strategically mark points on your face as guides to the appropriate injection sites for the dermal filler material.

Since this skin rejuvenation procedure with dermal fillers is non-surgical and non-invasive, this aesthetic treatment does not require downtime so you can resume your activities after the cosmetic session. This procedure’s contraindication however is that it is crucial not to rub the treated area so that the dermal filler material remains undisturbed. Also after a few days after the anti-ageing treatment, the occasional swelling, numbness or slight bruising will fade away. Due to the expertise of our cosmetic specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, risks and complications are minimized and you will leave our centre with a completely rejuvenated and imperfection-free appearance. And although the effects of the skin rejuvenation treatments with dermal fillers, whether hyaluronic acid or Botox, are temporary, their life-span will increase with each repetition of the cosmetic procedure. 

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