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What are the complications that can appear as a result of the hair transplant process? 

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Follicular unit transplantation hair surgery and follicular unit extraction hair surgery are procedures that allow the transfer of naturally occurring follicular units, which are groups of 1-4 strands of hair, from the donor area to the recipient area in order to conceal the effects of hair loss or hair thinning. Depending on the type of procedure selected by the patient, the follicular units can be collected either using strip harvesting or they can be extracted individually. Due to the fact that fue hair transplant surgery and fut hair transplant surgery are relatively simple procedures, they involve very limited risks when conducted in the proper setting, with quality tools and by a trained specialist.

One of the most prevalent fears among many patients is the appearance of noticeable scars. The hair specialists of Renew Skin & Health Clinic warn that the size and prominence of the hair transplant scars generally depend on the type of procedure chosen by the patient and the skill and experience of the surgeon who performs the procedure. If you wish to limit scarring, you may choose to undergo follicular unit extraction hair transplantation since it tends to leave smaller scars than the follicular unit transplantation procedure, though there are certain disadvantages that are inherited to FUE hair transplant. Hair follicle transection is another factor that can cause a great deal of concern for the patient; the term refers to the damage caused to the follicular unit during the transplantation period, reducing the hair regrowth rate considerably. It has been found that transection is far more prevalent in the case of follicular unit extraction than it is in the case of follicular unit transplantation due to the fact that it requires far much greater precision.

It is essential that you appeal to an experienced medical professional in order to assure that you obtain the best possible result. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we provide you with the latest technology, the proper environment, great medical expertise and a history of excellent aesthetic results. If you wish to benefit from the high-quality services we can offer, you can simply contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office in order to make an appointment.

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