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What is radio surgery? What are the implications, results and advantages of radiosurgery? How can radiosurgery be effective in mole removal and why?

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Answer for What are the implications of mole removal through radiosurgery? from Renew Skin Team
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Radiosurgery is a more and more popular mole removal technique as it is extremely safe and efficient. First of all, this surgical procedure implies the use of radio waves and not the scalpel, so the shock created by a traditional surgical intervention disappears from the beginning. Secondly, the pigment cells forming the mole are destroyed from within and then reabsorbed in the body. The principle on which this technique is based is very simple: the high frequency and low temperatures radio waves encounter a resistance from the water inside the cells. The energy that results from this resistance heats up the water from these cells and vaporizes them, creating an inner process that lacks externally perceptible effects, so there is no actual pain involved.

The procedure in itself implies the removal of moles in a quick manner (15-20 minutes) with minimal risks and superior cosmetic results. Also, the patient will have fewer concerns because the risk of infection is reduced and the post-operative care only consists in the maintenance of the lesion's hygiene. No worries and no complications!

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