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Does the laser therapy have any disadvantages in mole removal and if so, which are these exactly?

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Answer for What are the disadvantages of laser therapy for mole removal? from Renew Skin Team
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In the recent years, laser therapy has become very popular; the procedure implies a laser beam being directed onto the skin in order to eradicate a mole or other skin lesions. It is a quick, safe and practically painless procedure, which takes little time and requires no hospitalization, but it does have its disadvantages though. To begin with, its efficiency is not 100% proven. Due to this there are chances for your moles to recur and in order to prevent this inconvenience the laser practitioner may have to go deeper into the mole, causing skin marks or permanent scars that can be undesirable and unaesthetic.
Furthermore, the time needed for your skin to fully recover is slightly extended (as compared to radiosurgery for example), and even if the laser mole removal procedure itself is quick, the healing process consists in the formation of a scab on the top layer of the skin and no disturbance must come to it whatsoever. This is imperative as to not develop skin scars. Also, you should consider taking extra precautions when exposing the wound to sunlight, as the harmful UV light can also have a harmful effect on the skin, not to mention the sensitive skin that was treated with laser.
The good news is that at Renew Skin and Health Clinic you can rest assured that our highly qualified dermatologists and surgeons will provide you with the best of care in laser mole removal and deliver the best cosmetic results, all the risks, complications or disadvantages being reduced significantly.

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