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What are the causes of Sebaceous Hyperplasia and what prophylactic measures should be taken in order to avoid or decrease the chance of developing this skin condition?

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Unfortunately, the precise causes of Sebaceous Hyperplasia have not yet been identified by the medical community. It is generally believed that this sebaceous disorder is caused by natural hormonal changes which are associated with ageing, which involve patients experiencing a decrease in androgen levels. Another theory states that Sebaceous Hyperplasia could be the result of a hereditary predisposition and is a shared issue among several family members. In other words, if someone in your family presents this condition, the probability is that you will also manifest it at one point. Since the actual causes have not been identified accurately, it is extremely difficult to recommend effective prophylactic measures, if any actually exist. Probably the best advice is to simply practice good skin hygiene consistently and try to diagnose Sebaceous Hyperplasia from its onset because it is considerably easier to treat if it is identified in its initial phases.

Because Sebaceous Hyperplasia is a benign skin condition that does not cause any discomfort to the patient, medical treatment is not absolutely necessary, though it is recommended to avoid certain long-term social issues that are connected to the unaesthetic features of the disorder. If you do start to present symptoms of Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Renew Skin & Health Clinic offers you the opportunity to remove the skin papules safely and effectively, leaving behind no scars nor causing any change in skin pigmentation. Radiosurgery, which we recommend as being the most efficient type of Sebaceous Hyperplasia removal treatment, produces excellent aesthetic results with no hospitalization or downtime required.

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