Julie - causes and symptoms of Fordyce Spots

Is it dangerous to leave the Fordyce spots untreated? How do Fordyce spots manifest?

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Fordyce spots are a common skin disorder that affects both men and women and are represented by small and pale bumps on the penis or scrotum, even on the lips in men and in the case of women they appear on the labia and also on the inner surface or borders of the lips. They don't warn you with symptoms and they are actually harmless, non-contagious and benign spots that can't be sexually transmitted or related with personal hygiene. They are not caused by a virus or bacteria, but the logical explanation is that the opening of a hair shaft is blocked because the natural oil or sebum is unable to be released along the hair shaft, leading to the formation of the Fordyce spots. If you happen to find such spots on your body you should not let them untreated.

Although they are harmless, Fordyce spots can really affect your personal life because they can be mistaken with an STD. There are indeed treatments and natural remedies for Fordyce spots removal that could help, but we recommend you to contact us at Renew Skin & Health Clinic for more information and if you want a specialized consultation our professionally trained dermatologists will do everything in order to help you make up your mind concerning the suitable treatment that best suits your needs, therefore giving your self-confidence back.

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